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We are weeks away from launching Get Loud Now, a web platform that offers a simple and fun way to send politically-charged postcards to elected representatives. We also make it easy to donate to dozens of issue-related nonprofits. Users can browse and select postcard designs that resonate with them and reinforce their message.

We're inviting you to join the community of designers, illustrators, and artists who supply those designs.

Although we will have a number of in-house designs, we feel that engaging the artist community is vital.  So we're in the process of hand-selecting artists / designers to contribute to the design catalogue.  Of course there's a rev-share component so you can actually make money if users choose your design.  Most of the artists and designers we've spoken to are eager to just participate in something "meaningful" but we understand the importance of compensation! 

Feel free to review the deck below, as well as peruse some possible topics on the right side of the page.  To get started, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  

Also a few notes:

We want you to do YOU.  We're not going to art direct.  However, we do want you to consider that the more popular your designs are, the more compensation you'll receive.  So obviously we encourage "good" designs.  

We also think that the more versatile the design, the more you can potentially make.  Just some thoughts...

Finally, we plan on launching in a matter of weeks.  We are really hoping to get as much content as we can before then.  So please keep that in mind!  The artists who sign up early will likely be featured in our PR, influencer marketing, and paid social campaigns for launch.  

This is not the time to slack - it's time to Get Loud!



Abortion Rights

Animal Rights

Civil Rights & Racism

Climate Change


Criminal Justice reform

Death Penalty



Financial Aid / College / Student Loans

Financial Regulation

Gov Corruption & Oversight

Gun Safety / Gun Rights


Immigration (h1B visas) 




National Endowment for the Arts

Net Neutrality 

Oil Pipelines

Police brutality

Public Broadcasting 


Tickets / Fees Fines (Local)

Urban Decay

Violence Against Women

Voting rights laws

War / International Relations

Womens rights and health

view the deck to get a better understanding of the project.



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