What does Get Loud Now do and what does it cost?
Currently, our platform prints and mails physical postcards to elected representatives for $1.80 per postcard. We also facilitate donations to issue related nonprofits. You can send a copy of the postcard to yourself for an additional $1.

How long does it take for postcard(s) to arrive?
It takes 4 - 6 business days.

Can I use Get Loud Now to write my local politicians?
Yes! We designed Get Loud Now to put pressure on representatives at all levels of government, from city alderman to President. Just enter your address when you search for recipient to find your representatives.

Can I use Get Loud Now outside the U.S.A.?
Currently, Get Loud Now is focused on the United States. As such, we require that your credit card billing address is located in the United States. Further, we only send mail to addresses in the United States.

Can I use Get Loud Now anonymously?
No. In order to ensure our users do not abuse our system by sending threats, we keep your name and billing address in an encrypted file. Additionally, your name will appear in the return address section of the postcard you send.

Where do the postcard designs come from?
We work with a community of artists and designers who earn a percentage of each postcard sale. If you’re interested in submitting designs, please go to our contact us.

I’m interested in creating a postcard writing campaign for an issue I care about. Can you help?
Yes! We’re very interested in working with advocacy groups, organizers, and passionate citizens. Contact us now and tell us about yourself and the campaign you want to start. We’ll get in touch right away.

Can I Send more than one postcard at a time?
Yes! Get Loud Now was designed to make it easy to send the same postcard to multiple recipients. For example, you can send the same postcard to your Senators and Congressman. Simply, add multiple recipients.

Can I email a copy to myself?
Yes! If you want an exact copy of the postcard we send on your behalf sent to your billing address, simply check the box just below the postcard preview.

Can I share on social media?
Yes! If you click or tap on your postcard after loading it in the preview screen or on the “Thank You” page, you will be given the option to share it on Facebook or Twitter. If someone clicks on the image you share on Facebook or Twitter, it will take them into the postcard creation experience. Be sure to tag us so we can retweet, like, or comment.

How does Get Loud Now fundraise for nonprofits and advocacy groups?
We use PandaPay.io to process and account for automated nonprofit payments. They are trusted by large retail brands like Patagonia as well as large nonprofits. Also we are working on a product for nonprofit advocacy groups that will help them create letter writing campaigns and raise money for their causes. If you want more info about this, please contact us. Also, every quarter, we donate 10% of proceeds to a group of nonprofits whose missions align with our values. We keep an updated list of those nonprofits here.