An overview of groups who align with our mission.  

Get Loud Now is a mission-oriented company dedicated to using design thinking, technology, and the arts to make our democracy more accessible. Our aim is to help citizens of all political persuasions be heard beyond their information bubble and social media echo chamber.

The web platform you’re using now is a first step toward fulfilling that mission. We invite you to join us as a customer, collaborator, partner, or advocate. We want to connect with others who share our values.

As a mission-oriented organization we believe it is important to lay out the principles that guide us, beyond our fiduciary duty to increase shareholder value.



New Voters Project
Our government and society as a whole, benefits from informed political engagement by as many citizens as possible, especially from each new generation of voters

Freedom of speech and press should be protected

National Youth Art Movement Against Gun Violence
The arts have an important role to play in political discourse 

Code Now
Access to technology, innovation, and a free internet is critical to the future of our republic

Design for America
Design thinking and empathetic listening should be applied to all facets of our society

State Matters
Local political engagement is crucial to a functioning society and needs more attention

Sunlight Foundation 
The ability to speak truth to power is a cornerstone of American political thought

Establishing and aligning on verifiable facts is a foundation for informed debate

Southern Poverty Law Center
While protected by the First Amendment, hate speech is corrosive and has no place on our platform

Greater Chicago Food Depository
We built Get Loud Now in Chicago, so it is important to be active and engaged local citizens

It is critical that ideas, informed critique, and the voice of the citizenry be heard beyond personal networks and information silos

B Lab
We believe strongly in the important role that mission oriented organizations play in our society